ANAFI is foldable, lightweight, unfolds very easily and is ready...

Anafi Ai
Anafi Ai
4G Internet Connectivity sets new standards for drones at work.

Anafi USA
Anafi USA
Designed for the U.S. Army. Made for enterprise.

Parrot Drones: Elevating Excellence in Professional UAV Technology

About the Company

Innovation-driven Aerial Solutions by Parrot

Welcome to Parrot, a pioneering force in the drone industry committed to setting new benchmarks for professional drone applications. With innovation ingrained in our DNA, we adhere to Aristotle's philosophy that "pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work."

Professional Drones Redefined

At Parrot, our mission extends beyond conventional drone technology, catering to professionals in inspection, first response, firefighting, search-and-rescue, security, and surveying. Our flagship professional drone, ANAFI Ai, introduces groundbreaking 4G connectivity, revolutionizing the industry landscape.

ANAFI Ai: Unleashing 4G Revolution

Embrace unparalleled connectivity with ANAFI Ai, the industry's first 4G UAV. Bid farewell to interference issues as the 4G connection ensures robust communication between the controller and the drone. With no range limitations, precise control is guaranteed at any distance, even behind obstacles.

Cloud-Connected Intelligence

ANAFI Ai's 4G capabilities extend beyond flight. In-flight file transfer and cloud integration elevate the drone's intelligence, allowing seamless movement of data to the cloud for enhanced analytics and processing.

Open Innovation at Parrot

Parrot stands as an open company, providing a Software Development Kit (SDK) to empower the developer community. Our commitment to openness is showcased by making our main piloting application, FreeFlight7, open-source – a first in the industry. This fosters a powerful community that constantly innovates new applications for our drones.

Unrivaled Partner Ecosystem

Boasting the largest partner ecosystem for professional drones, Parrot collaborates with enterprise platforms, flight logs services, public safety programs, advanced mission planning tools, media and data cloud platforms, real-time geospatial situational awareness providers, and surveying and mapping experts.

Trusted Drones with Cybersecurity at the Core

Security is paramount at Parrot. Our newest products incorporate a Secure Element, NIST FIPS140-2 Level 3 compliant and Common Criteria EAL5+ certified, ensuring the highest level of cybersecurity. Partnering with YesWeHack for a bug bounty program, we leverage a vast community of cybersecurity researchers to identify and address potential vulnerabilities. Parrot is also fully compliant with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring user data privacy.

Explore Parrot's complete documentation for precise technical details on each product, empowering professionals with the knowledge they need. Trust Parrot for unmatched drone performance, innovation, and security in every aerial endeavor.