Parrot Anafi Thermal

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Parrot Anafi Thermal

Construction industry and public works professionals; experts in civil security and rescue services; energy producers and transporters and environmental protection officers; ANAFI Thermal is the complete drone solution, adapted to all your needs. Even in complex environments, you can easily and safely take thermal and visual readings. You are more efficient, more precise, more responsive.
With 2 cameras, a 4k HDR 21MP Sony sensor as well as a radiometric FLIR thermal imaging camera, the Anafi Thermal can accurately map its environment. The 180 ° swivel camera gimbal and the 3x zoom support the process.


  • Thermal image camera -10 ° C to + 400 ° C
  • 4K HDR camera 21MP
  • Zoom 3X
  • Gimbal 180 ° inclination
  • 26 min flight time
  • Ultra copact
  • Autonomous flights
  • Very quiet flights
  • Mobile USB-C charching


Discover the invisbile

The two cameras of the ANAFI Thermal drone capture the invisible and the visible. The FreeFlight 6 app combines your images to reveal in minute detail everything that you couldn't see before.

With the ANAFI Thermal Drone thermal measurements can be carried out, the temperature of an area or a specific point can be measured, the heat loss on a building can be displayed visually, people can be located, identified or tracked.

Whether craftsmen or construction experts - with the ANAFI Thermal Drone, thermal tests can be carried out quickly and precisely at low cost and without complex installations (such as ladder construction or scaffolding, etc.). This allows a quick and easy overview of the heat loss of a facade or the condition of a building structure to be assessed.

Für Installateure von Solarmodulen, Energieerzeugern und -lieferanten: in wenigen Minuten kann ein Stromausfall an einem Hochspannungskabel erkannt oder ein defektes Solarmodul identifiziert werden anhand einer leichten und einfach zu bedienenden Lösung.

In the field of environmental and species protection, drone technology offers a completely new way of working. Discreet and quiet, the ANAFI Thermal Drone causes no stress for animals. Species can be observed and counted discretely from a distance. In the field of species protection, potential intruders or persons in the vicinity of the animals can be identified.

Thermal imaging made easy

With the FreeFlight 6 app you can easily switch from an RGB to a thermal view. Both views can also be viewed in combination. This creates a very legible and understandable overall picture. The details of the scene are visible and color-coded to make thermal differences and loss areas visible. There are 3 setting options available: - Relative: shows the range of temperature differences from the hottest to the coldest - Absolute: the desired range of the temperature values to be measured can be personalized - Spot: only the hottest and coldest points are highlighted

Customers, employees and partners can be shown photos and videos of the inspection in just a few seconds. Videos can be played and the settings palette can be adjusted live to isolate an element or to analyze temperatures. Compatible with the FLIR Tools® software solution, you can create test reports in PDF format.


A radiometric FLIR Lepton® 3.5 thermal imaging camera for measuring and detecting thermal differences.
  FLIR, LEPTON and FLIRTOOLS are registered trademarks of FLIR SYSTEMS Inc.


A 4K HDR camera with Sony 21MP sensor for visual inspection.


Thermal image camera to discover, measure and detect the invisible

A FLIR Lepton 3.5 sensor, the market leader, is integrated in the gimbal of the camera of the ANAFI Thermal drone. This makes visible what you normally cannot see and shows the thermal differences between the surfaces and elements overflown:

  • Hot spots, cold spots, leaks in thermal insulation, etc.
  • FLIR Lepton 3.5 microbolometer sensor (radiometric)
  • Precision of ± 5% max. (High gain) or ± 10% max. (Low gain)
  • Temperature range: -10 ° to + 140 ° C (high gain) or -10 ° to + 400 ° C (low gain)


4K high-precision camera for inspection, observation and analysis of the visible

The ANAFI Thermal Drone offers the best of image technology with a 4K HDR camera and 21MP Sony sensor You can precisely inspect a building, capture elements, explore the state of a structure, fly over a search area, or create 3D models.

  • 21 MP Sony® CMOS HDR 1 / 2.4 '' HDR sensor
  • ASPH wide-angle lens f / 2.4
  • 23-69mm (photo), 26-78mm (video) at 35mm equivalent focal length
  • Lossless zoom x2.8 (x3 in standard mode)
  • Compatible with Adobe DNG / RAW and P-LOG professional formats


Camera swiveling by 180°and with 3x Zoom

The gimbal from ANAFI Thermal can be tilted vertically by +/- 90 °.
This makes it possible to inspect under buildings in the zenith as well as roofs and flat surfaces in the nadir view. Thanks to the up to 3x zoom, buildings or an area flown over can be observed down to the smallest detail and with complete security.


The light and compact drone

A unique, foldable, ultra-compact and lightweight design with a total weight of only 315gr - always at hand, can be folded out in seconds and ready for use.
No matter how complex the order, ANAFI Thermal convinces with its reliability and precision in the control as well as with the powerful rotor drives.



  • 1 ANAFI Thermal drone
  • 1 Parrot Skycontroller 3
  • 3 smart batteries
  • 1 carry case
  • 1 multi-port USB charger
  • 1 tablet holder
  • 8 spare propeller blades
  • 1 16 GB microSD card
  • 4 USB-A/USB-C cables
Manufacturer: Parrot
GTIN: 3520410048371

Anafi thermal drone

  • Weight: 315 g
  • Maximum transmission distance: 4km with the Parrot Skycontroller 3
  • Maximum flight time: 26min
  • Maximum horizontal speed: 34mph
  • Maximum vertical speed: 4m/s
  • Maximum wind resistance: 31mph
  • Maximum working altitude: 4,500m above sea level
  • Operating temperature: from -10°C to 40°C


  • Folded: 218x69x64mm
  • Unfolded: 241x315x64mm


  • Barometer and magnetometer
  • Vertical camera and ultrasound sensor
  • 2x6-axis IMU
  • 2x3-axes accelerometer
  • 2x3-axes gyroscope



Imaging system


  • Sensor: CMOS 1/2.4", 21MP
  • Video format: MP4 (H264)
  • HDR: 4K UHD, 2.7K et 1080p videos, JPEG photos
  • Photo formats: JPEG, DNG(RAW)
  • Photo modes: single, burst, bracketing, timer and panorama
  • Shutter speed: from 1 to 1/10000s
  • ISO: from 100 to 3200
  • EV compensation: [-3, +3]
  • Maximum video sampling rate: 100Mbps
  • LD-ASPH LENS : f/2.4 aperture
  • Depth of focus: 26mm (35mm equivalent)
  • Depth of field: 1.5m to infinity

Digital zoom

  • Lossless: up to x2.8 (FHD), up to x1.9 (2.7K), up to x1.4 (4K UHD)
  • Standard: up to x3 (all resolutions)

Photo resolution

  • Wide angle: 21MP (5344x4016) / 4:3 / 84° HFOV
  • Rectilinear: 16MP (4608x3456) / 4:3 / 75.5° HFOV

Video resolution

  • 4K Cinema (4096x2160 24fps)
  • 4K UHD (3840x2160 24/25/30fps)
  • FHD (1920x1080 24/25/30/48/50/60fps)
  • HD (1280x720 48/50/60fps)
  • HFOV video: 69°

Thermal-imaging camera

  • Sensor: FLIR LEPTON 3.5 microbolometer (radiometric)
  • Sensor resolution: 160x120
  • HFOV: 57°
  • Pixel pitch: 12µm
  • Spectral band: 8-14µm
  • Thermal sensitivity: <50mK (0.050°C)
  • Photo format: JPEG
  • Photo resolution: 3264x2448 (4/3)
  • Photo modes: Single / Time-lapse /
  • GPS Lapse
  • Video format: MP4 (H264)
  • Video recording resolution: 1440x1080, 9fps
  • Precision: ±5% max.(High-gain) or ±10% max.(Low-gain)
  • Scene Dynamic Range: -10° to +140°C (High-gain) or -10° to +400°C (Low-gain)
  • Video: MP4

Parrot Skycontroller 3

  • Folded size: 94x152x72mm
  • Unfolded size: 153x152x116mm
  • Weight: 386g
  • Transmission system: Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n
  • Operating frequency: 2.4 - 5.8 GHz
  • Max. transmission distance. : 4km
  • Resolution of the video return: HD 720p
  • Battery capacity: 2500 mAh 3.6V
  • Battery life: 2h30 (Android) / 5h30 (iOS)
  • Compatible mobile devices: Screen size up to 10"
  • USB ports: USB-C (Charge), USB-A (Connection)


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