Dronivo Repair Center

Drone Repair at Small Prices

In recent months, we have noticed a tremendous increase in demand for drone repairs. This growing popularity and the rising number of drone owners have inspired us to optimize our services and specialize in drone repair and maintenance. Therefore, we have decided to consolidate our efforts and handle all our repair requests under the new name Drone Repair 24. This step enables us to make our service even more efficient and provide you with faster and more comprehensive support for your drone needs.

But don't worry, although our name has changed, we are still the same dedicated team you have trusted for years. We have evolved, but our values and commitment to excellent service remain unchanged.

At Drone Repair 24, your satisfaction and the smooth operation of your drone after repair are our top priorities. Our experienced team of technicians works hard to carry out each repair with the highest precision and care, so you can quickly take to the skies again.

We understand that your drone is more than just a technical device—it is your gateway to new adventures and experiences from a bird's-eye view. That's why we treat every drone entrusted to us with the same love and care that we would give to our own devices.

We would like to thank you for your trust in us, which has inspired us to constantly evolve and improve our service. With Drone Repair 24, we are ready to accompany you on your next flight adventure and provide you with the support you need to fly safely and reliably.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and entrust your drone to the best hands—Drone Repair 24 is the right choice for you!

Has your drone/multicopter crashed? Are you having firmware issues or need any other support? Dronivo is here for you! We are a German specialist dealer with experience in drone repair since 2015. We perform nearly 1000 repairs annually, prioritizing customer satisfaction above all. Our qualified technicians will get your device back in the air quickly. We conduct test flights with every repaired multicopter and guarantee full functionality after repair.

Gremsy Support and Service - Check warranty case!

Is your gimbal damaged after a crash? Can a sudden defect not be explained? No matter if it is a case of warranty or regular repair. As an official Gremsy service partner in Europe, we will support you in any case!
We clarify together whether a warranty case exists, handle it or take care of regular repairs directly.

Request a chargeable repair

Simply request a repair ticket on our website and you will receive immediate e-mail instructions on how to return the device. Our engineers will then investigate the problem and provide you with an estimate of the repair cost. We will fully repair your gimbal and send it back to you with a repair report and warranty on our repair work. Should you decide against a repair for economic reasons, 75 € net Price + return costs for the investigation will be charged.

Request a repair ticket

For a warranty check, please also click on the repair ticket. Select "Check warranty case" at the beginning. The procedure is the same as for repairs. However, in case of a positive warranty claim, no costs for the repair will occur for you and we will refund the shipping costs (from EU countries).

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