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Reconstruction of Reality

In order for a company to achieve its goals, effective information acquisition is necessary. This is where Digital Twins come into play. Diverse utility, data processing, and sharing are significant strengths, but there is a weakness: the procurement and creation of these virtual models, which can be either imprecise or labor-intensive. Through modern technology, drones provide an efficient solution to obtain centimeter-accurate results in record time.

The science of photogrammetry allows for the creation of centimeter-accurate Digital Twins. By stitching together high-resolution images, software programs can effortlessly generate 3D models and orthophotos. User-friendly interfaces enable beginners to generate initial models, while professionals deliver high-quality models as a result of settings and editing capabilities.

The versatile use of data in simulations, surveys, planning, and more. Simplified integration and import into other systems through standardized data formats. Complex measurements, visualizations, and inspections are carried out on the computer, without compromising the safety of others.

The combination of drones and photogrammetry propels digitization and Industry 4.0 forward. Envisioning digital complexes, facilities, cities, and landscapes is neither a dream nor a privilege for a few. Discover the benefits of digitization for yourself.