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Drone licenses

Start your journey with the license and learn to fly safely and legally.

Flight Training

Learn the necessary flight competencies to fully utilize the potential of your drone.

Surveying - Trainings

Learn the basics of modeling, creating mapping materials, and time-saving surveying.

Software Training

Reconstruct reality - Learn the basics of different software solutions.

Open to everyone

Drones are now a fixed part of various professional fields. However, the entry barriers often seem so high that only a small circle of trained individuals can deal with drone flight. We want to counteract this trend.

Drones are our passion

Years of experience in surveying, photography inspection, tactical flying, and more.
Customized training and courses cover a variety of scenarios. Practical training and a compact design help to acquire the most important skills.

Our courses for the EU Drone License

Our courses for the EU Drone License

Since 2021, anyone flying a drone weighing more than 500 grams must obtain an EU drone license. Depending on the weight of the drone, pilots must obtain at least the EU certificate of competence A1/A3. Is your drone heavier than 500 grams and do you want to fly near buildings? Then the additional EU remote pilot certificate A2 is also required. With the help of texts, videos, and illustrations, you will learn all the theory necessary for the European drone pilot's license. With us, it is possible to acquire the EU Certificate of Competence A1/A3 and the EU Remote Pilot Certificate A2 online and in your own time. Below you will find an overview of the possibilities and a practical decision-making aid.

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