Autel EVO II Pro Enterprise

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The next step in Autel Robotics' phenomenal EVO II series. With longer flight times, upgraded camera possibiliites and variable extensions, this new model is designed specifically for professional use.


  • Public Safety
  • Traffic Supervision
  • Power Inspection
  • Firefighting
  • Search and Rescue
  • Mapping

Ever since Autel Robotics released their highly successful EVO II series, the professional drone sector in particular has been waiting to see which possibilities this technology would hold in store. Our expectations have certainly been met. The new series, EVO II Enterprise, is an upgraded Version, equipped with new functions and new accesories, specifically tailored to the needs of professionals in a variety of applications. With 42 minutes of uninterrupted flight at top speeds of 44 mp/h and a maximum transmission range of 8 miles, it manages to easily surpass ist predecessor.


High-Resolution Imaging

In order to provide the best solution for any Situation, the EVO II Enterprise is equipped with a 20 MP sensor that allows for aerial imagery in 6K quality and 4K videos at 60fps with a 3x lossless and 16x digital zoom. On top of that, the Aperture Range can be adjusted from f2.8 to f11. This way, nothing will stand in the way between you and your vision.

Mission Versatility thanks to different Accessories

An extensive array of accessories allows transforms this drone from a simple Imaging tool to a multifunctional flight platform that can adapt to different scenarios. The different extensions include:

  • Loudspeaker: Enables more effective on-site communication through long-distance telephony
  • Spotlight: Beams a powerful, Long-distance Aerial light when searching or Shooting at night
  • Strobe: Indicates the Location of the aircraft at night to avaid air traffic accidents
  • RTK Module (optional): Provides centimeter-accurate positioning data and rreduces electromagnetic interference


Predictive Target Tracking without collisions

Lock on to an object moving at high Speed and predict ist trajectory with ease, or use the eye in the sky to identify up to 64 objects at once. The 360° Obstacle Avoidance allows you to easily maneauver around obstacles, plan paths through complex Terrain or build three-dimensional Maps using the 19 sets of sensors covering the airframe. Thanks to the integrated ADS-B Receiver even manned aircrafts can be detected with enough time for the Operator to take evasive measures.



  • Camera: 20MP, 1-inch CMOS sensor, 3x optical & 8x digital zoom, Adjustable aperture f2.8-11
  • HD transmission from ADS-B receiver 360° obstacle avoidance 13km
  • Modular accessories
  • Centimeter accurate positioning with RTK
  • ADS-B receiver
  • 360° obstacle avoidance
  • Flight time of max. 42min
  • Video transmission of max. 13km
  • Speed of max. 72km/h
  • Air resistance of max. 17m/s

Scope of delivery

  • 1x Autel Robotics EVO II Pro Enterprise
  • 1x Autel Robotics Smart Controller V2
  • 2x Autel Robotics battery
  • 1x Autel Robotics charger
  • 1x Autel Robotics Smart Controller V2 charger
  • 1x Autel Robotics charging cable
  • 1x Autel Robotics speaker
  • 1x Autel Robotics headlight
  • 1x Autel Robotics flashing light
  • 1x Autel Robotics shoulder strap
  • 2x Autel Robotics control stick
  • 1x Autel Robotics Smart Controller V2 protection
  • 1x Autel Robotics Propeller (pair)
  • 1x Autel Robotics Hardcase



Manufacturer: Autel Robotics
GTIN: 6924991101956


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