2022 - Public Safety Drone Demo Day

Our Public Safety Drone Demo Day event on 25.10 in Dexheim turned out to be another valuable and successful day! Almost to the year, we were again able to organise a day for authorities and safety with a focus on drones.
Punctually at 8 a.m., we welcomed about 100 guests to coffee together with the exhibitors.

HHLA Sky kicked off the event with a presentation of Vision & Mission and a demonstration of their control centre, as well as the X11. MyDefence then took over with a presentation of the drone defence system.

Shortly before the end of the lunch break, a firefighting exercise took place again and was used to demonstrate the thermal cameras of the drones.

Afterwards, HHLA Sky presented the new German-made police drone in detail for the first time. The development and encryption of this drone are specially adapted to the needs and safety standards of the German security sector.
This was followed again by MyDefence with their portable mitigators and jammers. Last but not least, Elistair demonstrated the use and advantages of tethering systems on large drones with the help of many years of experience.

In the afternoon, free drone flights followed to test and familiarise oneself with the systems. Good news: We actually managed not to crash a drone this year.

A big thank you goes out to the local fire fighters for their efforts on the burning car.

These days are very important to us and we have grown fond of them. There are hardly any comparable days where we can gather so much input on what authorities really need and where they need our support.

Thank you to all who participated again this year and we look forward to welcoming you again next year.

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