Flying with Emergency Lights - Recognising Operational Drones Even at Night

More and more authorities are turning to drone technology for operations. They enable completely new perspectives and significantly shorten deployment times, while providing more safety for emergency forces and civilians.

However, occasionally a big problem arises - whose drone is flying up there? The police do not recognise the fire brigade drone and vis a vis. This not only makes communication difficult, but also creates uncertainty. Is it perhaps the drone of a civilian who is not authorised to film this operation after all?

We developed the Mission LED to enable pilots to quickly identify drones in the air and improve drone visibility and detectability for manned aircraft and other operations in the flight environment. It guarantees visual identification of volunteers and emergency forces from the BOS sector by day and night.

The warning light is equipped with three certified LED strobe light bars positioned to be seen in a 360 degree radius. The LEDs used are the same as those found in police emergency vehicles. They have a high light output and a long service life. Heat dissipation is via air-cooled fins, which allow good temperature control and guarantee a long service life.

The fully integrated mounting system can be attached in just 5 seconds.

The unit comes with an easy-to-mount bracket that allows you to attach the lights to the drone in just one second. No wiring is required, the battery is integrated.

Despite the extremely flat design, the LEDs offer high luminosity. Thanks to a multitude of technical options and the associated approvals, this LED device offers you significantly more application possibilities than the simple basic function of an LED flash light. The payload is also designed in such a way that the drone's sensor system remains fully functional.

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