D-Fend - Ground Level / Military Tactical Deployment Kit

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The EnforceAir ground level military deployment kit is designed for military scenarios supporting ground forces. It combines an ultra-stable tripod, ground-level military antenna radome, mechanical brackets, and modular carry cases

The ground-level Military Radome is designed for maximum performance when deployed near ground level for tactical and MIL-Vehicle deployments. Its vertical radiation pattern is covering the horizon and above.

Drones are becoming increasingly smaller, faster, harder to detect, durable, and cheaper, while covering a wider range across long distances. Commercial drones are turning into a greater security risk for many situations, scenarios, and environments, including critical infrastructure and strategic facilities, airports, prisons, government sites, military bases, VIPs and more.

Recent high-profile incidents involving rogue or dangerous drone activities, such as unauthorized drones at airports, VIP assassination attempts and terrorist use of drones to drop explosives, all point to the need for a heightened sense of urgency around this threat.

The Counter-Drone Challenge in Sensitive Environments

Urban and sensitive environments require safe and effective anti-drone defense, considering severe detection difficulties, potential collateral damage, and the need to avoid extreme disruption of civil communication signals. Signals are subjected to interference from tall buildings and other urban elements; and may be unable to distinguish friend versus foe drones. Optical systems have limited Line-of-Sight and are sensitive to weather and visibility. RF/GPS jamming systems can cause serious communications interference and peripheral damage, disabling GPS navigation and control systems and disrupting Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

EnforceAir – The Ultimate C-UAS Solution Designed for Sensitive Environments

EnforceAir C-UAS is an advanced autonomous system that automatically and passively detects, locates and identifies rogue drones, with capability to mitigate risk by TAKING CONTROL over them and landing them safely at a predefined safe zone, employing a non-jamming, non-kinetic technology which does not require line-of-sight. EnforceAir’s comes in a wide variety of deployment configurations to enable complete operational flexibility and provide end-to-end c-UAS capabilities in any scenario or environment, whether urban or rural, and in dense or open terrain.

EnforceAir passively and continuously scans and detects unique communication signals used by commercial drones. Once detected, EnforceAir extracts the drone identifiers for Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) and decodes the telemetry signal to extract the drone position with GPS accuracy, as well as its take-off position near the pilot in real-time.

During the mitigation process, the drone user pilot loses all control of the drone, including video and telemetry information, and cannot regain control over the drone throughout the entire process. EnforceAir is a non-jamming solution which transmits a precise and short signal that takes control over the rogue drone without interfering with other drones and communication signals.

Detect & Alert:

Alert when a drone is detected according to its unique communication signal.
  • Passive
  • Long distance
  • No need for clear Line of Sight
  • Designed to operate in noisy sensitive environments

Locate & Track:

Real time location tracking by extracting the drone’s GPS positions.
  • Passive
  • Accurate
  • No need for clear line-of-sight


Extraction of the drone’s unique communication identifier (“Tail Number”)
  • Passive
  • Selective – distinguishes drones in the area between authorized and unauthorized (IFF)

Data Extraction:

Extraction of the drone’s take-off position (home point) with GPS accuracy while in midair.
  • Passive
  • Indication of drone pilot’s position at time of take-off


Disconnecting the signal of the drone operator’s remote control, causing it to fly back to its take-off position according to the drone’s original configuration.
  • Active-RF
  • No reprogramming or data intervention

Take Control & Land:

  • Setting a new flight path for safe landing of the drone to a pre-defined position
  • Active-RF
  • Defines EXACT behavior of drone when controlled by the system
  • Defines SAFE landing position

Operational Flexibility

The EnforceAir provides the ultimate in operational flexibility, as its core elements can be easily transferred, mounted, and configured within a matter of minutes, providing the means necessary to go anywhere at any time.

The EnforceAir Deployment Kits:

High-Angle Tactical Kit: Exceptional high-angle coverage for a wide variety of scenarios, conditions, and terrain types, with rapid and easy setup.

Covert Vehicle Kit: For mobile scenarios, easily mounted and transferred between different vehicles within minutes.

Stationary kit: Ideal for static 24/7 deployment settings. Easily secured onto existing pole and designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions.

Ground Level/Military Tactical Kit:  Supporting ground forces through defense scenarios, with a 360° azimuth coverage.

Military Vehicle Kit: An optional dual-use setup kit for mobile and ad-hoc static deployments that can be combined with the ground level military tactical deployment kit.

Additional Benefits

Advanced proprietary protocols

EnforceAir supports the most advanced long-range drones, and commercial and proprietary radio (DIY) protocols, with unique ability to reprogram them to fly a new route and land them controllably and securely in a pre-defined safe zone.

High Performance

  • Ability to handle multiple drones simultaneously
  • 360° perimeter security with radius of up to 3km (1.8 miles) - using omni antennas
  • Support for both manual and pre-configured autopilot flight modes

Easy Deployment and Operation

  • Autonomous
  • Configurable mitigation methods, fend-off or takeover control & land
  • Stationary and/or mobile deployments operations with quick and easy setup
  • Low power and small footprint

Future Ready

  • Designed to handle all standard and proprietary radio technologies used by commercial drones
  • Continuous software updates to enable up-to-date response to new drone models and DIY radio components

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