H-Aero - a revolutionary way to fly

As combination of helicopter, plane and lighter-than-air principle - the hybrid-airplane can reach unmatched flight characteristics and is revolutionizing the airspace.


A hybrid airplane, combining the proven flight concepts of helicopters, aircraft and balloons. An innovation in the field of modern flight enabling endless applications for safe and efficient missions.


H-Aero is able to carry out various unique missions - enabling the exploration of terrains which might otherwise not be accessible or only be accessible incurring high safety risks.


H-Aero will serve diverse markets which emerge between fast airplanes with low payloads and slow cargo ships with heavy payloads. Ideal for exploring and charting missions of every scale, also UAV.


Our hybrid airplane is able to support the missions of special forces, the police, home-country protection, helping control demonstrations, sport and music events, support rescue missions and improve traffic control.


h-aero® will facilitate missions focusing on observation and surveillance applied to buildings, pipelines, or pre-defined open fields sectors of any kind. Critical data can be easily collected to protect humans and valuables, create precise maps or protect the climate with sustainable meteorological measurements.


h-aero® will give applications in telecommunication a great leap forward enabling transponders and broadcasting to regions without connection to regular service-providers as well as to overcrowded cities.

Innovative, umweltfreundliche, luftgestützte Flugsysteme, die eine nachhaltige Alternative zu herkömmlichen Drohnensystemen darstellen. Lange Flugzeiten, geräuschlose Bewegung sowie erneuerbare Energien bilden das Fundament für eine neue Weise der Kommunikation.