Parrot Anafi Thermal / FPV - Kit mit Ausleger+Motor+Antennen

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Kompatibel mit ANAFI FPV / Thermal

Nicht kompatibel mit ANAFI Standard (inkl. ANAFI Extended und ANAFI Work)!

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Parrot Anafi Thermal / FPV - Kit mit Ausleger+Motor+Antennen

This pack contains the 4 arms of ANAFI Thermal with a patented double hinge system that unfolds in just 3 seconds. To ensure a stable connection, each foot of the drone has a dual-band antenna, creating an omnidirectional transmission system. The brushless motors are fit directly onto the arms and work in tandem (2 clockwise, 2 anti-clockwise) to create an advanced propulsion system.

The pack contains:
• Arm + motor + Front left antenna
• Arm + motor + Front right antenna
• Arm + motor + Back left antenna
• Arm + motor + Back right antenna
• Hinges
• Screws x4
• Assembly tool

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