Dronivo gets Parrot's Industry and BOS portfolio

Attention, emotional! Dronivo's founder Ivo Simon has long been a fan of the French manufacturer Parrot. But there was never the opportunity to represent them as a distributor in the German market. Now, however, Dronivo has been named as distributor for the industrial and BOS sector. This includes the models ANAFI Work, Thermal and the new ANAFI USA. Of course the excitement is great, because "we believe in Made in Europe, in the strong features of the ANAFIs and in the comprehensive software framework provided by Pix4d. And we are incredibly proud to finally be able to represent Parrot," says Ivo Simon. "We are sure that we can also excite the German market with Parrot's products. Up to now, the only thing missing in this country was brand presence and media attention, as well as consumer awareness of data security, compared to main competitor DJI".

Construction and Inspection

Parrot's portfolio is particularly suitable for construction, e.g. for progress monitoring, inspections of buildings, roof damage or the inspection of photovoltaic systems with thermal imagery. And also in the real estate sector, the drones are used for a cost-effective, fast 3-D image of the houses to be advertised.
Parrot offers the in-house software platform Pix4D, which meanwhile includes 11 individual software tools. These allow for example automatic photogrammetric evaluations, support during inspection flights and flight planning or even help with multi-spectral analyses of planting fields.

Government organizations

Parrot and Dronivo are hoping for exceptional market potential from the new ANAFI USA. This was developed in a project for the U.S. military as an S.R.R. (Short Range Reconnaissance) drone. The drone has corresponding characteristics, including an IP53 level, stability up to 15m/s, 512bit AES-XTS encryption and other extras. Highlight of the drone is the triple sensor payload with large thermal sensor, wide angle and 32x zoom camera. With all features the drone is still extremely compact and weighs only 500g.
The drone is perfectly suited for first responders, firefighters and police - as well as special forces and military. Thanks to the manual start feature and the rapid operational readiness of less than 55 seconds, the USA could also be launched from the vehicle window depending on the situation.

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