Dronivo is distributor for something very special: H-Aero

Dronivo is a worldwide distributor for Hybrid Airplane Technologies (HAT). HAT offers with its H-Aero products a very special hybrid airship: a combination of multirotor, balloon and aircraft. H-Aero can be used in niche applications where regular multicopters fail, making seemingly impossible projects possible.

The "hybrid airplane", as the innovation was named by (Dr.) Csaba Singer, is based on the lighter-than-air principle. The helium body consists of an extremely tightly woven RipStop nylon, electric motors and a lightweight structure with polymer and carbon elements. Due to the static lift, current models can lift as little as 3kg. The systems are easily scalable, so that higher lift levels can be achieved without any problems.

The Vision

For H-Aero a clear vision is in the foreground: the insertion of H-Aeros in the stratosphere as so-called "HAPS" (High Altitude Pseudo Satellite). The goal is, among other things, to establish a mobile phone network in rural areas or to relieve the networks in urban areas. H-Aero is in competition with Googleloon, among others, but due to its hybrid design it is less dependent on wind maps and can influence its course itself. "Technology-wise, we are still 3-4 years ahead of Google" says Csaba Singer.

Similarly interesting is the prospect that H-Aero, with sufficient scaling, could also realize manned flights in the future. These would primarily serve tourist purposes, for example flights around monuments / sights or over national parks.

The path to vision

Although the vision is still a long way off, it soon became clear that the transfer potential of the technology for industry and authorities is already immense. Dronivo will help Hybrid-Airplane Technologies to form different product packages from the development stages of H-Aero. And the H-Aero products already have a lot to offer:

  • H-Aero is the only UAS that can be used permanently over crowds. The reason is simple: the take-off weight is sometimes in the single-digit gram range or even negative.
  • H-Aero One already manages several hours of flight time (depending on weather conditions). However, there are also photovoltaic panels ready for use - which theoretically would enable the aircraft to fly around the world permanently.
  • The LAT UAS floats, the engines and propellers work at a minimum. This is not only low-noise, but also minimizes air turbulence. Here, the H-Aero is especially interesting for agricultural research, because flights with only a few centimeters above the plants are realized without whirling them up.
  • The media industry is also interested in H-Aero: Indoors in event halls, trade fairs, or even in football stadiums. H-Aero offers a new perspective on the playing field without emitting noise or posing a danger to people.

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