Dronivo becomes distributor for D-Fend Solution

D-Fend Solutions trusts in Dronivo GmbH for distribution and expansion into Europe. D-Fend's innovative systems for drone detection and defence complete Dronivo's portfolio towards cUAS. In return, D-Fend will now have a German contact point and sales partner in Dronivo GmbH to promote business in the region.

Innovative cUAS System

D-Fend is one of the leading global manufacturers of cUAS (counter-UAS, counter-Drone) systems. Currently, cUAS are mainly used in industrial and governmental applications for the detection and identification of drones. Explicit defence is not yet permitted, as common defence measures such as jamming, laser or kinetic methods usually have uncontrollable consequences. In jamming, for example, collateral damage is other electrical devices that communicate on the same or similar frequencies. In each of these methods, the drone is also rendered unable to fly, which endangers people on the ground.
D-Fend has made it its mission to fend off drones without risking collateral damage. This is achieved by automatically or manually taking control of the drone. With predefined landing zones, invasive drones can be safely separated from the operator and landed.

Collateral damage is avoided because technology makes use of the drone typical radio protocols and their (model-dependent) special identifiers. Since the system knows exactly which frequencies and protocols it is looking for, all other communicating devices remain unaffected. This is particularly important because most drones today operate in the 2.4 GHz range and there is correspondingly a lot of interference and frequency overlap.

It is not surprising that D-Fend Solutions is on the road to success. The system is already in use in every sector: military, public security, industry, airports and large sport events.

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