The most difficult to reach places are at your fingertips

Parrot solutions allow building professionals to go beyond what they can see with the naked eye and obtain a viewing height that facilitates access to the raised parts of buildings.

The drone takes photos and videos, which are then used by the architect to design enlargement or elevation work.

The mobile app can plan flights and retrieve a wide range of visual data. Using this information, maps can be generated in the 3D modeling software.


An essential extension of the inspection work

The Parrot drone offers high precision visibility to better recognize areas in need of repair.

It guarantees a faithful rendering of the dwellings and even makes it possible to identify vulnerable points that are invisible to the naked eye. The drone captures the photos during a fully autonomous flight, intuitively drawn up beforehand with a finger on your smartphone screen. You do not have to be an expert pilot to master this.

The 3D modeling generated and accessible from a simple and intuitive platform becomes a reference tool for checking the state of the building and clearly identifying any requirements.


One unique solution for all visual or thermal inspections

Parrot Business Solutions take both conventional and thermal shots with 2 built-in RGB and thermal cameras.

This single, compact, lightweight and robust tool enables construction professionals to begin visual inspections and then switch to thermal inspection mode during the assignment.

The package is very simple to use and to fly.


Identifying the work to be prioritized or checking the compliance of any insulation work

Parrot Business Solutions simplify thermal inspection and give a live display of color temperatures superimposed onto the actual image.

They identify the heat losses in buildings which are highlighted with the color red and generate a precise scan of surfaces and materials. The specialist then collects key information to carry out their diagnosis.

In addition, images viewed during the assignment can be saved for future reference.


A simple and decisive solution to offer the client a precise and immersive vision of a project

Parrot always seeks to enable users to benefit from cutting-edge technology and this is evident in this solution.Parrot always seeks to enable users to benefit from cutting-edge technology and this is evident in this solution.

It makes light work both of creating 3D models and collecting data, taking over very effectively from the approximate results of Google Earth.

It then becomes very fast to share 3D models with customers and partners. Web integration is also made simpler, providing truly innovative sales support tools.

The immersive experience reaches a level of unprecedented realism and provide a 3-dimensional view of the site just as it would be seen in reality. Essential elements for an immediate projection.