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Translated to English:
  • PARROT ANAFI FPV DRONE: Fly your drone as if you were there! The Anafi FPV set is designed to give you breathtaking, immersive flying experiences. The comfortable Cockpit Glasses 3 is connected to the drone camera and brings you into the center of the action in full HD streaming. The comfortable and ultra-compact FPV glasses are compatible with smartphone screen sizes between 4.7 and 5.5 inches.
  • POWERFUL AND COMPACT: Equipped with a 4K HDR camera with 3x zoom, Anafi provides you with excellent images of the highest quality. The new white balance function allows you to adjust the color dominance for different lighting conditions. The Parrot drone is solid, lightweight (only 310 grams), and innovative in terms of range with a flight time of 26 minutes. The Parrot Anafi, adjustable in FPV mode, is controlled via a foldable remote control.
  • PARROT FPV KIT: Everything is included in the package, so you can start flying right away! With the compact Parrot backpack, specially designed for comfortable and mobile use, you can easily take your equipment to your flying site. Includes: 16GB Micro-SD card, USB-A / USB-C cable, 8 additional propellers, and mounting tools.
  • EASY & INTUITIVE TO USE: A user-friendly interface and an intuitive mobile application (FreeFlight 6) make controlling the drone easy and allow you to easily take photos. With the Dolly Zoom, 360° Panorama, or "Little Planet" functions and the integrated autonomous flight modes, you can effortlessly create great videos and photos. The "Geo-barrier" and "Return to Home" functions limit the drone's distance and automatically return it to its starting point.
  • Precision, drone racing, observation: two new control modes allow you to expand your horizons when using your FPV drone. The "racing" mode is specifically designed for participating in drone racing. The "Photo" mode allows you to take precise photos with optimal results. Additionally, the FPV drone can be used to inspect remote or steep areas and approach animals in real-time without frightening them.

Contents of the package:

  • Parrot Anafi FPV
  • ANAFI FPV Drone
  • Long-range remote control...
  • FPV cockpit glasses 3
  • 16GB micro-SD card
  • USB-A/USB-C cable
  • 8 additional propellers
  • Mounting tool
  • Compact backpack
Manufacturer: Parrot


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