Mauch 003- PL-200 Sensor Board / 2 x 10 cm 10AWG / + CFK Gehäuse

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Spannungs- und Stromsensor der "Premium Line" (PL) von Mauch. Gebrauch in Kombination mit PL BEC oder Mauch Sensor Hub X2-V2

The PL-xxx boards are based on the famous Allegra ACS758 hall current sensors, ACS758-050U for the 50A version, ACS758-100U for the 100A version and ACS758-200U for the 200A version. The electronic on the board is powered by an PL - Series or PC - Series BEC and the offset shifting is realized by an OP from Microchip (MCP601) specially designed for microprocessors analog inputs.
The sensor board is only installed into the "positive" (red) main wire from the LiPo, the "negative "black" wire stays untouched, which reduces the risk of short circuits on the sensor board.
The voltage measurement, has an installed filter which reduces the risk of false RTL trigger, which might be happened if we fly in very windy conditions due to sudden motor speed up to keep the flight leveled.

This design has the following benefits:


  • Even "if" something went wrong with the current board, the FC analog input is protected as the maximum output voltage of the sensor board is 3,3V.
  • Due to the offset shifting, the current measurement uses the full analog input range of the flight controller from 0.0V (0A) until 3.3V (50A / 100A / 200A), so there is no need to adjust parameter “BATT_AMP_OFFSET”. Due to the full range of the current measurement, the display on OSD or MP is more stable.
  • Most Attoboards, or even the original 3DR power module, have the problem with an sudden voltage drop during hover (0.5-1.5V) which is caused by the resistance of the installed connectors and main battery wires.
    In our sensor boards his voltage drop error measurement is minimized as we only measure the resistance of the positive main wire, plus the condition that the power supply for the BEC is separated and can be connected as close as possible to the battery connector.
  • Delivery inclusive CFK enclosure.


    Improved design compared to HS - Series:


    • No more HV or LV sensors, the user can select the voltage rage via an solder bridge.
    • Current measurement accuracy improved to +/- 0.5% -> HS - Series +/- 1%
    • No more DF13 connectors, the connector is Molex Clik-Mate / 1.25mm
    • Improved filter network, the measured current is more stable.
    • Delivery inclusive CFK enclosure.


    Voltage selection:


    • First select the correct voltage measurement range according your used main battery.
    • Solder bridge out = Up to 14S (max. 60V)
    • Please use the voltage divider from the final test result (approx. 26.8)
    • Solder bridge in = Up to 7S (max. 33V)
    • Please use an voltage divider of 10.0 -> The measurement will be quite accurate. However, you can always measure the main battery voltage with an DVM and readjust if necessary.


    DXF file / PL - Sensor CFK enclosure

  • 3D STEP file


Setup in MissionPlanner:

Please follow the procedure here:



  • 200A - Current / Voltage measurement sensor board, based on Allegro Hall Sensor ACS758-200U.
  • Voltage range is up to 14S (60V) with solder bridge open and up to 7S (30V) with solder bridge closed. Please check the maual page for more details.
  • This Sensor board connects directly to any Premium-Line BEC or Sensor Hub X2-V2.
  • Connected to the sensor are 2x10cm AWG10 wire (red) as a standard.
  • REM: The connector is Molex / Clik-Mate / 1.25mm / 4p (5023800400)
  • Without CFK enclosure = 27.5 x 19.5 x 10.5mm / 22g (with 2x 10cm 10AWG)
  • With CFK enclosure = 43.5 x 23.0 x 15mm / 27g (with 2x 10cm 10AWG)
  • Delivery in PP box: 65 x 65 x 20mm / 42g
  • Delivery without sensor cable (comes with the BEC's), with CFK enclosure
  • REM: If you want to use your own BEC, then please order a sensor cable (040) and ensure that the supplied voltage is within 4.95-5.05V.


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GTIN: 705604300036


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