Manufacturer of the famous "The Cube" Platform (Pixhawk 2.1)

"Hex is the world's leading open source hardware manufacturer which produces one of the best open source drone autopilots in the world.
We are keen to provide developers and customers with best resources and tools to help them innovate. The ultimate goal is to maximize adoption of the project for the benefit of users with cheaper,better and more reliable open source drone hardware."

The Cube Series

The Cube Black

The Cube Black is the most famous version of the Cube (Pixhawk 2.1) Series and can be found in most professional and industrial projects.
It runs perfectly stable and is equipped with a STM32F427 V3 processor with 168 MHz.

The Cube Orange

The Cube Orange is an improved version and successor of the famous Cube Black.
The new generation is equipped with a powerful H7 processor, stronger performance, faster, more secure, built-in triple redundant sensor, temperature control and shock absorption IMU.

The Cube Purple

The reduced equipment and downsizing enable a very compact design in combination with the Mini Carrier Board.
Cube Purple has no extra damping, the application should be selected accordingly.

*Note: There are more "Cube" Models on the market, but are not sold by Dronivo. For example, the Cube "Blue", which has the same specifications as the Cube "Black", but is USA-manufactured only.

Carrier Boards

ADS-B Carrier Board


The new ADS-B Carrier Board is the successor of the Standard Carrier Board and its built-in ADS-B antenna makes it sustainable for future UAS projects.

Kore Carrier Board


The Kore Carrier Board is an extended board with additional connectors and interfaces,
built-in power distribution and other features to reduce wiring.

Mini Carrier Board


With smaller size and almost the same capability with Pixhawk 2.1 standard carrier board,
it can better fit-in to those applications which have size limits.

Herelink RC


Herelink is an integrated remote controller, ground station and wireless digital transmission system designed to be used with the Cube Autopilot, Ardupilot or PX4.
Herelink allows RC control, HD video and telemetry data to be transmitted upto 20km between the ground station and air unit, the herelink remote controller features custom Solex TX and QGC applications and both air unit and ground station feature an integrated 8 core SOC for custom application development.

Here Positioning

Here+ GNSS/RTK Kit

HERE+/HERE+ V2 RTK kit developed by HEX and Ardupilot Team is compatible with Mission Planner, a ground control station for ArduPilot, as well as PX4 and QGroundControl. The kit is the first Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) module for open source flight controller users. RTK technology provides much more accurate position estimates than regular GNSS systems. Its ideal accuracy can reach up to centimeters, which greatly improve the precision of flight.

Here 2 GNSS

The Here2 is the further development of the very popular Here GNSS module. The Here2 comes with a powerful STM32F303 Cortex-M4 MCU, with 72MHz, and is equipped with an easy to configure CAN and I2C bus.

Here Flow


Here Flow is a finger size optical flow sensor. Compared with other optical flow sensors, it is even smaller. It can be installed easily at any position without taking much space.

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