Gremsy T3V3 - Power&Control Cables for WIRIS Camera/M600

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T3V3 - Power/Control Cables for Wiris Pro/M600 is a set cable come with: - T3V3 - Control Cables for Wiris Pro/M600 are used to connect 9-pin digital port, supports the following control ports and interfaces: + Can bus (DJI M600/M600 Pro and A3/A3 Pro controller compatible) - this cable was integrated Camera CAN and gimbal CAN in one connector. + Mavlink + Possibility of connection to external GPS + External trigger External trigger T3V3- Power Cable for Wiris Pro is used to power the camera

S1 - AUX Wiring Diagram

Wiris Pro Wiring Diagram

"In the Box

  • T3v3 - Control Cables for Wiris Pro/M600 (80cm) x1
  • T3v3 - AUX Cable for Wiris Pro ( 40cm) x1
  • T3V3 - Power Cable for Wiris Pro (20cm) x1
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