It is here at last: Starting on December 09, 2021, Parrot's long-awaited next generation drone, the Anafi Ai, is finally available. Inspired by Nature, it offers groundbreaking innovations that once again redefine the possibilities of drone usage.

Picture Parrot Anafi AIIts visual perception is founded upon a pair of sensors reminiscent of compound eyes and mobile on 5 free axes. As such, it was possible to design an advanced obstacle avoidance system in all directions.

High quality imaging for professionals and the industry.

ANAFI Ai provides professionals features that really matter: 4G as the new communications standard, 48 MP of imaging accuracy, intelligent obstacle avoidance for autonomous photogrammetry missions and a unique robotic platform with the first open-source piloting application. ANAFI Ai embeds a Secure Element that protects both the integrity of the software and the privacy of data transferred.

The aerial images of the drone are compatible with all photogrammetry software suites. With Pix4D for example, the market leader in photogrammetry software, only one click is necessary to generate optimized missions based on the land registry of the building selected even in complex environments.

Stable transmission, secure operations

ANAFI Ai takes advantage of 4G to profoundly change the use cases for drones. With 4G, the data link between the drone and

the pilot becomes robust in all circumstances. Already widely and reliably deployed around the world, 4G offers long range

transmission which means you can operate the drone at any distance. Furthermore, the integrated secure element performs cryptographic operations, stores and protects sensitive information, protects the integrity of the embedded software and provides a unique identity to the drone for 4G, thus allowing for optimum security.

It is obvious that the ANAFI AI has been worth the wait. It is hard to foresee exactly to which extent this achievement will influence the drone market. But one thing can be said for sure. With their latest drone Parrot has once again shown the inherent potential in drones that is just waiting to be realized. And the only thing left to do is to enjoy this progress in full swing.

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