Dronivo Academy training for our employees

The Dronivo Flight Academy was put to the test by our employees last week! Last week, we had the pleasure of welcoming our partners from the Drone Flight Academy in the Netherlands! We started with theory in the morning, led by Roel van der Wal and Tycho van den Oosten, where we discussed various topics, including the current legal situation regarding drone flights, and the future development of our collaboration.

After lunch, we headed to the airfield for practical training. We went through various flight scenarios, including practicing flying without GPS in windy conditions (with varying degrees of success).

A big thank you to the Drone Flight Academy for taking the time and organizing this day with us. We look forward to a successful collaboration in the future!

If you're looking for an affordable drone license, training, and flight instruction, visit our website at www.dronivo.de/Academy or contact us directly:


+49 621 5600 4000

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