Drone training for the fire department in Nalbach

Join us on a drone training!

Saturday afternoon, our colleagues Christian and Daniel conducted a comprehensive briefing and multiplier training for the DJI Mavic 3 T with thermal imaging camera and the DJI Mini 2 at the fire department in Nalbach.
The training starts with the technical briefing on the respective drones and the legal basics of the aviation authority for a smooth and safe flight.

Afterwards it is time for the practical exercises. The first flight tests with some drones then started in the extended Düppenweiterstraße, where the four drone pilots from Nalbach were to develop the feeling for controlling the flying lightweights. For this training, the focus was mainly on the search for people in the extensive fields and also the target flight to known buildings in the vicinity.

Towards evening, as darkness fell, the third part of the training was on the agenda. The increasingly important topic of rapid and targeted search for persons was practiced extensively. Here, too, the drone pilots flew to several target objects, this time at the model airfield near the Bilsdorf refuge, in the darkness. The Mavic 3T's built-in thermal imaging camera was put to the test during this training and successfully put through its paces.

In the Nalbach fire department, the future pilots are now gradually being trained by the 4 multipliers, so that they will soon be able to go out with a total of 16 pilots to search for people and also to search for embers after building or vegetation fires.

We wish the newly qualified 16 pilots a good and safe flight at all times!

"We would like to thank Christian and Daniel from the company Dronivo very much for the versatile and informative training! Great job!" - Fire department of the municipality of Nalbach, Chief of the fire department Jörg Laub

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