A day to remember

When we opened the doors to our first Public Safety Drone Demo Day on October 26th, we could only imagine how impactful this event would be. In the weeks leading up to that day, a lot of organization and coordination had already been taking place behind the scenes. There were guests to be invited, concepts to be written and above all, we had to hope that the weather would be in our favor.

Finally, at 8 o’clock in the morning it was evident that this day would look promising. When we saw that around 20 manufacturers and over 80 guests were present, eagerly awaiting the beginning, we could feel that this would be a major success. The German company HHLA Sky kicked off the event with a presentation of their impressive innovations, followed directly by a breathtaking demonstration of Xtend’s new drones.

At around noon the sky had cleared up and we were ready to test our skills at handling the different drones in free flight on our own. Particularly remarkable was Autel Robotic’s aircraft Dragonfish which was flown for the first time in Germany.

Furthermore, we would like to extend a special “Thank You” to the local firefighters who put on a spectacular show in which they demonstrated a real life fire-fighting drill.

After a relaxing break the day continued with presentations all around the topic of Drone Defense. Getting an exclusive glimpse into the recent developments and technical possibilities was both fascinating and exhilarating. One could feel the monumental changes in the industry, leading to a future filled with potential, a potential that is ready to be realized even today.

Apart from the exciting presentations it was undoubtedly the manifold manufacturers whose presence and products made this day truly special. At every stand it was possible to witness feats of excellence as well as a multitude of objects that inspired excitement and awe. Overall, it can easily be said that this year’s Public Safety Drone Demo Day was a memorable milestone in our company’s history that is sure to be remembered for days to come.

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