H-Aero Zero+

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The ultra lightweight indoor specialist

Der Zero+ ist die konsequente Weiterentwicklung des h-aero Zero und verfügt über eine erhöhte Nutzlast von 1.1kg. Damit wird die Adaption von professiOnellen 4/3 MFT-Kameras und Gimbalsystemen wie beispielsweise der DJI Zenmusereihe möglich. Im Zusammenspiel mit Flugzeiten von 60 Minuten ist der Zero+ der ideale Kameraträger.

H-aero® One

H-aero® is a globally unique flight concept known as the "Hybrid-Airplane." It enables entirely new applications through the "Lighter-than-air" concept. As a globally patented system, it introduces a 4th dimension of flying in addition to the flight concepts of Balloon, Airplane, and Helicopter/Multirotor.

Diverse Application Possibilities / Future Outlook:

The latest version, H-Aero "One," serves as the foundation for hundreds of outdoor application possibilities. H-Aero already offers standardized products and continually expands technological possibilities through proof-of-concept and R&D partnerships. Below are current and future areas of deployment.

10hrs up to Unlimited Flight Time

The H-Aero One can achieve extremely long flight times of over 10 hours in standard configuration or unlimited flight time with photovoltaic configuration. This capability enables actions like scanning entire national parks in a single continuous flight, monitoring forests, flying over cities, or even crossing oceans using satellite communication.


• Monitoring tree infestations in forest areas
• Flying over oceans to identify patches of plastic waste
• Aerial surveillance of cities to identify gatherings of people
• Inspection of 100km+ power lines, gas pipelines, etc.
• Agile weather balloon and environmental station
• Large-scale monitoring of wildfires/bushfires

Flexible Communication Technology

H-Aero can be operated using standard radio control, WLAN for broadcasting, mobile networks for long distances, and even satellite communication in remote areas (e.g., over oceans).

Multiple Payload Opportunities

The payload is entirely customizable. Most cameras like FLIR, Workswell, or DJI can be integrated into the system. Not only that, but H-Aero can even carry and transport entire drones as payloads!

Customizable Shell, Size, and Shape

The entire production is based on Industry 4.0 and adaptive manufacturing, making the system highly modifiable. For instance, the body can be flattened for improved wind stability. Colors and prints are optional. The overall size of the system is scalable.

Bringing Connectivity to Remote Places

H-Aero is set to be the satellite system of the future. As a Low Altitude Satellite System, it can provide an alternative mobile network and bandwidth supply over remote regions or densely populated cities.

Security and Safety

The extended to virtually endless flight times are also of interest to the security and defense industries. Feel free to inquire to learn more about potential application Scenarios.

Manufacturer: H-Aero
GTIN: 4251935112801
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